TOM Organic launches conscious period products in New Zealand

TOM Organic

TOM Organic has arrived in New Zealand. Image supplied.

Conscious brand TOM Organic has launched their period products in New Zealand offering another alternative for those looking to make their menstruation more sustainable. The female-founded Australian brand offers a range of products made with organic cotton and biodegradable materials as well as reusable period products which are now available here for the first time.

TOM Organic was founded on the philosophy that we shouldn’t have to compromise the health and wellbeing of our bodies and the planet, as period products often generate a lot of plastic waste.

“At TOM Organic, people and planet are our top priority, which is why we’ve been making world class period care products made with organic cotton and biodegradable materials that are free from pesticides, chlorine bleach and dioxins since 2009 – and we’re thrilled to be bringing the range to New Zealand,” says Laura Demarchi, Head of Marketing.

“Over a decade ago, we identified a gap in the market for period care products designed with our bodies, community, and the planet in mind. At TOM Organic we believe it is the small changes we make every day that make a big impact and it’s a message that continues to resonate with more and more consumers.”

TOM Organic’s range includes market-leading 100% organic cotton tampons, ultra thin pads, overnight pads, and liners made with organic cotton and biodegradable materials. The brand also has a period cup available with a first-of-its-kind steriliser case. Later in the year, TOM Organic will launch their period briefs made with organic cotton in New Zealand too.

TOM Organic recently conducted some research in New Zealand which reveals that attitudes toward periods and period care have significantly changed in recent years. There’s now a strong desire for sustainable and reusable products, and conversations about periods more open than ever which is a great thing but there is still progress to be made.

80% of Kiwis say it’s important to know what their period care products are made from, with 76% feeling that sustainability is an important factor, and 56% considering it key that their products are organic. Despite this, just 11% claim to know exactly what their products are made from, with 46% not knowing what their tampons are made from – 6% of which incorrectly believe that all tampons use the same materials.

“Creating more sustainable options and increasing transparency is why we started TOM Organic. We believe that making conscious choices each cycle should be easy, and our mission has always been to empower our community with the knowledge to make informed choices about their period care products – for themselves, the planet, and future generations,” adds Laura.

The survey also revealed that 65% of respondents still use the same period care products they have always used, however almost half (47%) of those who have changed products, did so because they wanted a more sustainable or natural option.

“Today’s consumer wants a range of sustainable options. While we started out offering tampons, pads and liners, we expanded into reusable cups and period underwear in 2020, to give people the freedom to choose the best eco period product to suit their lifestyle. We are constantly innovating to ensure we’re providing the most sustainable, modern period care options possible,” says Laura.

“There is so much to learn when it comes to our menstrual cycles – not just limited to your period – and how it connects to our overall health and wellbeing. At TOM Organic, we’re not only here to educate people about the importance of what’s inside their period care products, but to provide an open community to discuss these topics and learn more about our bodies and health.”

TOM Organic products are available in Chemist Warehouse stores nationwide, and New World and Pak’n’Save supermarkets in the North Island.

TOM Organic

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