Levi’s encourages customers to Buy Better Wear Longer

Levi's BBWL

Levi’s is urging customers to Buy Better Wear Longer
as part of its sustainability goals

Levi’s has always forged its own path and now the iconic jeans brand is actively encouraging consumers to think about the longevity of what they buy and purchase less.

While it may seem somewhat counterintuitive for a fashion brand to discourage purchase, Levi’s Buy Better Wear Longer (BBWL) campaign is part of the brand’s goal around making fashion more sustainable and prolonging the lifespan of its products.

The BBWL campaign is both a promise and a plea by Levi’s to continue its work on numerous fronts to be environmentally and sustainability responsible while moving towards more circular products and practices across the board.

To support this, Levi’s created a cinematic short film from the perspective of a pair of Levi’s that tells a multigenerational story: the film takes us through the life of Levi’s most iconic design, the 501. Transformed through the decades with each owner, adapting to the style of the times, the 501 is just as relevant, and wearable today as it was in the 1960s.

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