We tried Ardell Magnetic Megahold Lashes


Lito Bax tested the Ardell Magentic Megahold for FashioNZ

We’re all aflutter (literally) with the discovery of Magnetic Megahold eyelashes from Ardell.

This innovative offering is touted as the first-to-market flexible and trimmable magnetic Invisiband lashes, but whatever the marketing spiel promises, we decided to conduct our own tests, and the result is a resounding thumbs up.

Our lash tester is hairdressing apprentice Lito Bax, who thanks to good DNA and Mother Nature smiling down on her, is already blessed with pretty impressive natural lashes. However, this also means that she is also a complete novice (aka she has NEVER used them before) when it comes to using or applying false lashes, making her the perfect test pilot for this segment.

What the product promised: More lash drama (without fuss), offering patented technology, featuring an undetectable band on the lashes that allows ultra-hold from inner lash corner to outer. No more bulky section magnets – just apply with Ardell Magnetic Gel Liner, or adhesive eyeliner – like DUO Lash it Line it.

Process: Apply Ardell Magnetic Gel Liner just as you would ordinary eyeliner. Two coats are recommended. Take the lashes that come on a pre-curved band with the magnetic Invisiband. Apply the magnetic lashes to the eyeliner – just line them up. Press firmly to align – and voila!

Lito’s verdict: Incredibly easy to use. It was an instant lash fix and I loved them! I just applied the magnetic eyeliner (two coats), chose the lashes I wanted and pressed them on. It was actually that simple. I wore them all day and night with no issues. To take them off, I just used an oil-based cleanser and I love that the lashes can be reused. I don’t like the idea of fiddling around with glue or anything so this was a great introduction to false lashes, and I’m definitely using them again. Quick and easy for an instant bit of lash glamour for an event.



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